Access Control

By default, each user can read their own data only, while the supervisor can read subordinate's records.

However, you can create the scenario for your company through the control on access rules, transfer control and access groups.

Hierarchy Access

The system provides the following 3 types of access rights on subordinates' records:

  1. Read records
  2. Write records
  3. Delete records

The default setting is Read only. You could modify it at the section of Access Control in Admin.

Step 1: Go to "Access Control"

Go to Access Control in Admin

Click "Admin"
Select "Access Control"

Step 2: Go to the Edit Page

Click the Edit button under the access table.

Click "Edit" to edit hierarchy access

Step 3: Enable the Access

Enable or disable the access. Then click Save.

Edit hierarchy access


To learn how to build users hierarchy structure, please click here.

Access Rule

By default, records are private to other users except your supervisor.

If you want to grant the access to users in peer group, you need to add a new access rule.

Step 1: Go to "Access Control"

Enter Access Control in Admin

Step 2: Create New Access Rule

Click Create Access Rule under the Access Rule List table.

Click "Create Access Rule"

Step 3: Enable the Access

Check the access type you want to enable

Transfer Control

By default, only supervisor can transfer records to subordinates.

If you want to allow subordinates transferring records to supervisor or users in peer group, you need to add a transfer control list.

Step 1: Go to "Access Control"

Enter Access Control in Admin.

Step 2: Create New Transfer Rule

Click the Create Transfer Rule button under the Transfer Rule List table.

Click the "Create Transfer Rule" button to create new rule

Step 3: Enable the Access

Check the entities you want to transfer

Access Group

As mentioned above, you can control the data access between different user roles, but how about some users instead of all users within the same group?

You need to create new access groups at the section of User in Admin panel.

Following are the common groups:

Boss and Secretary Secretaries always need to handle tasks from boss, so they may need to search data and distribute sales lead for him.
Team Based Users They works as a team, so may need to share records to other users.

Step 1: Go to "User"

Enter User in Admin.

Click "Admin"
Select "User"

Step 2: Create New Access Group

Click the Create Access Group button under the Access Group List table.

Click the "Create Access Group" button to create access group

Step 3: Name the Group

Give a name to this group and fill in the description of this group (if needed).

Give a name to this access group

Step 4: Choose Group Members

Then choose users who you want to add to this access group.

Check the users you want to include in this access group

Then click Save.


What is User Role? View here.