Set Up Contact Fields

Before you import a contact file or key in any new contact, please check whether the built-in data fields fit your need.

Step 1: Navigate to Data Field Customization

Click Admin at the top right corner of screen.

Click "Admin"

Select Data Field.

Select "Data Field Customization"

Then select record type Contact.

Select "Contact"

Alternatively, you can enter section Contact, then click Set Up Contact Field at the top right corner.

Shortcut under section "Contact"

Step 2: Identify Built-in Data Fields

Check whether the built-in data fields fit your need.

Data fields under "Contact"

Step 3: Modify Data Field (Name & Choices)

You can rename data field or edit field options. Rename data field by clicking the Rename button.

Rename data field

Click the Edit Choices button to modify options in Single Choice or Multiple Choices field.

Modify field options
Modify field options

Step 4: Modify Data Field (Attributes & Sequence)

You can disable unnecessary data fields, set fields as required or modify their input sequence. First, click Edit Data Field Attributes at the top right hand corner.

Click the "Edit Data Field Attributes" button

If you want to disable a data field, uncheck its Enabled status.

Uncheck the "Enabled" checkbox to disable a field

If you want to set a data field as required, check its Required status.

Check the "Required" checkbox to mark a field as required

You can reorder input sequence of data fields. When done, you can preview the input form.

Reorder input sequence and preview

Step 5: Create New Data Field

You can create custom field if you want. Click the Create Custom Data Field button under Custom Data Field List.

Click the "New Custom Data Field" button to create a new data field

Name your field and choose an appropriate data type.

Choose the data type


The following data types are available.

Text Characters limited to a row
Text Area Characters in multiple rows
Phone Less than 50 characters in a row
Mobile Numbers, comma, hyphen, space and "#" only (e.g. 3593 9333)
Email In the format of an email address, such as
URL In the format of a website address, such as
Date In the format yyyy-mm-dd, such as 2013-04-01
Date + Time In the format yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM, such as 2013-04-01 23:59
Currency Numbers only, currency symbol will be displayed automatically
Number Numerical characters
Boolean Choices of "yes" and "no" only
Single Choice Single option (in text format) for selection
Multiple Choices Multiple options (in text format) for selection

Define field length by specifying the maximum number of characters/digits allowed.

Only number is allowed


Field length can not be altered once a field is created.

Set up data field choices if you have chosen single choice or multiple choices data type.

Set up choices