Add Email Attachment

Step 1:Navigate to Create Email Campaign

Enter the Campaign section, click Create Email Campaign at the top right corner.

Navigate to "Create Email Campaign"

Step 2:Select Documents as Attachment

Click Add Attachament button in Subject field. There are two options.

Option 1:Upload Documents

If you want to send a document in your local computer as attachment, select Upload Document.

Select "Upload Document"

Then click Choose File to upload the document.

Choose File

Option 2:Choose from File Repository

If you want to send a document you have uploaded in our CRM as attachment, select Choose from File Repository.

Select "Choose from File Repository"

In File Repository, tick the checkbox of the document you want to send, then click the button Select.

Choose File

Step 4:Add or Remove Documents

If you want to add more dcouments, click Add button.

Add Documents

If you want to remove a dcoument, click Remove button behind the file name.

Remove A Document

The total attachment size is shown under the document list.

Total Attachment Size


The total size of the attachments will influence the delivery speed of the campaign.