Advanced Settings

When you create an email campaign or a sms campaign, you can exclude contacts, modify notifications or tune other campaign configurations in Advanced Settings.


You can exclude [Groups] or past [Campaign Contacts].

If you exclude past [Campaign Contacts], you have to choose the campaign and the type of contacts to be excluded.

Exclude [Groups] or past [Campaign Contacts]
Exclude [Groups] or past [Campaign Contacts]


If you exclude a [Running] or [Pending] campaign, the dependency on the status of the excluded campaign may cause your campaign to start later.

For example, if you exclude the [Sent] contacts in a [Pending] campaign, your present campaign will not start until the excluded campaign begin to send.

Header / Footer Style (For Email Campaign)

Set the style of email header and footer.

Set header and footer style of an email campaign
Set header and footer style of an email campaign

Message Overrun (For SMS Campaign)

The message counter in SMS editor just counts character and indicate consumption before personalization (mail merge). If you have applied a personalized field, actual message size may increase and may vary among messages.

To give you better control over credit consumption because of overrun messages, you can choose 1). send full message; 2). skip overrun messages or 3). chop content, so that the system know how to deal with messages exceeding the displayed size.

Set the message overrun options
Set the message overrun options


Notifications can be setup to report email and sms campaigns progress.

Email notification costs you nothing while sms notification is charged as sending one sms message.

Set the notifications condition
Set the notifications condition


When you run out of sms credits, no sms notification will be sent even if you have enabled the option; so always be sure if you have enough sms credits.

Subscribe-me URL (For Email Campaign)

If you have a newsletter signup page, you can paste the URL here and choose when a [Subscribe Me] link will be shown in the campaign email footer. (Show [Subscribe Me] in campaign emails / Show [Subscribe Me] in forwarded emails as the two options)

Enter the URL of your opt-in form
Enter the URL of your opt-in form

Campaign Compilation

After you save a campaign, normally a final send list is generated immedately. Target group contacts are extracted, unwanted ones such as hard bounces and unsubscribes are excluded. This checking process is known as [Campaign Compilation]. For [Scheduled Campaigns], you can let the system execute this procedure at the last minute.

Select the compilation option
Select the compilation option

 Compile Campaign on SaveCompile Campaign on Due
  • Future contact / group changes will not affect saved campaigns.
  • With no compilation at due, campaign starts sharply as expected.
  • Up-to-date contacts / groups are used.
  • Contact / group changes during the waiting period can never be reflected in the final send list which has been snapshotted earlier.
  • The final send list may be different from your expectation as contacts may be altered / added without awareness during the waiting period.
  • Campaign may defer to start as checking can only be done at the last minute.


De-duplicate Email Address / Contacts

Filter duplicated email address (email marketing) or mobile number (sms marketing) in your groups so that any duplicates will be sent once only.

Bundle Contact Name into Recipient Info

With this, When a recipient receives your email, he/she can see his/her name along with his/her email address in the [To:] field.

Show Sender Whitelisting Reminder in Header

The Sender Whitelisting Reminder
The Sender Whitelisting Reminder

Enable Forward This To My Friends in Footer

The Forward This To My Friends function
The Forward This To My Friends function

Enable Delivery Period Control

If you enable delivery period control for a campaign, the campaign will be limited to send in specific periods only as declared in the Delivery Timetable. Learn more about Delivery Timetable.

Filter Generic Email Addresses

Generic email addresses, such as those started with info@, sales@, enquiry@, hr@, admin@, etc, generally denote specific email lists of a company which they are never regarded as personal addresses. Bulk mailing to them are prohibited in our anti-spam policy which may also risk classification as spamming activity by your recipients, blacklisting of your sender address and banning of use.


This option is checked by default. Unchecking this filter may result banning of use. Proceed only if you know what you are doing.