Campaign Approval

Approver and Campaign Creator with Approval

By default, all user can create email campaigns without approval. If you want to set up the approval mechanism, you need to define suitable User Roles for Approver and Campaign Creator.

In our system, there are 2 preset user roles specially for Campaign Approval mechanism:

Emarketer (Elementary) Emarketer who needs to seek approval on campaign execution.
Emarketing Manager (Approver) Emarketing Manager who has the right to approve campaign.

When you create a new user or modify an existing user account, select the suitable user role.

Select the suitable user role.

If you want to change other user role to be Approver and Campaign Creator with Approval, you need to grant the Approver the Approve Email Campaign function, and grant the Creator the Create Campaign with Approval function in User Role SettingsFunction List.

Grant the functions.


How to create or modify an user role? Please check here.

Campaign Status

If an Email Campaign need approval, it will not start until the approver accept the campaign.

There are two status for the email campaign need approval:

Pending (Approval) Pending (Approval) This campaign is waiting for approval. Once Approver accept the campaign, it will start on time.
Pending (Rejected) Pending (Rejected) This campaign is rejected by Approver. Creator need to modify and re-schedule it again.

Approve An Email Campaign

Step 1: Go to "Campaign Report"

Enter the Campaign section, click the campaign name in the campaign list.

Click the campaign name to view "Campaign Report".

Click the Approve This Campaign button in Approve Campaign Alert Email. After login, you will directly go to the Campaign Report page.

Click the "Approve This Campaign" button.

Step 2: Review the Content and Click "Approve Email Campaign"

Review the email content. And then click Approve Email Campaign at the top right corner.

Click "Approve Email Campaign".

Step 3: Accept or Reject the Campaign

In Approve Campaign panel, it will show the Start Time, Estimate End Time and Run Time of the campaign.

"Approve Campaign" panel
Accept Campaign

If you accept both the email content and the campaign schedule time, select Accept, then click OK.

Select "Accept" if you accept the campaign.

The campaign will start on time after you accept it. System will send out the Acceptance Alert email to the Campaign Creator and cc to you.

Reject Campaign

If you do not agree with the email content or the campaign schedule time, select Reject, then mark down the disapproval reasons in the Notes to Creator, then click OK.

Select "Reject" and mark "Notes to Creator" if you reject the campaign.

System will send out the Disapproval Alert email with the Notes to Creator to the Campaign Creator and cc to you.

Create an Email Campaign Seeking Approval

Step 1: Fill in All the Campaign Informations and Email Content

Enter the Campaign section, and click Create Email Campaign.

Follow Step 1 to Step 10 in Send An Email Campaign.

Step 2: Schedule the Campaign


If you are just drafting a campaign, you can choose Pending. All your settings will be saved but the campaign will not be sent.

Immediately after Approval

You can choose Immediately after Approval to send the campaign immediately after the Approver accept the campaign.

Immediately after Approval

Otherwise, you can choose Schedule to start the campaign at a later time. Once the Approver accept your campaign, the campaign will start on the schedule time.


Step 3: Select Approvers

Select the approvers who you want to send an Approve Campaign alert email to remind them approve your campaign.

Select Approvers

When everything is ok, click Save.