Send a SMS Campaign


Before you send a SMS campaign, you should build your group.

How to create a group?

Step 1: Navigate to "Create SMS Campaign"

Enter the Campaign section, click Create SMS Campaign at the top right corner.

Go to "New SMS Campaign"

Step 2: Name Your Campaign

Name your campaign. Campaign name will not be shown in the SMS message body.

Name your campaign

Step 3: Confirm Sender and Recipients

Set your Sender Name, then choose group(s) or create new one(s).

Enter your sender name and choose recipients


Sender name can be any case sensitive alphanumeric strings ("0 - 9", "a - Z") up to 11 characters or numeric only strings up to 14 characters. The empty space character (" ") is accepted but not recommended as some phones may not be able to interpret this.

To choose multiple groups, press and hold the Shift or Ctrl key.

Step 4: Set the Unsubscribe Message

An unsubscribe message can be appended at the end of your message content. Choose a message style and fill in your contact number for unsubscribe.

Set the unsubscribe message


If a person requests to unsubscribe from your message, simply search or look into his/her contact profile, identify and click its Subscription Centre icon/button, then proceed accordingly to update his/her preferences.

Step 5: Prepare the SMS

Method 1: Create SMS Template

If you will send campaigns with similar content regularly, you can:

Click the Create SMS Template button in the SMS Template field to create a new SMS template.

Click to create a new template


Wondering how to create a SMS template? click here.

Method 2: Reuse SMS Template

Alternatively, you can choose an existing SMS template.

Select the template you want from the drop-down menu

Method 3: Use the SMS Editor

You can write the SMS message in the editor directly. While you are writing, the system counts the number of SMS messages it will consume and characters left.

Write the SMS message


Length of a SMS

  Maximum Characters Message Needed
Content in English Only 160 1
306 (Long SMS) 2
459 (Long SMS) 3
Content with Chinese or Non-English Characters 70 1
134 (Long SMS) 2
201 (Long SMS) 3

Step 6: Personalize the Message (optional)

If you want, you can personalize the message with data fields. Choose field(s) and insert its code to the right position.

Inserting personalized data field

Step 7: Preview the SMS

Now you can click Preview to verify the content in the browser.

Click to preview in browser

Step 8: Test Send

Click the Test Send button to send a testing version of your SMS message to your Test Send Group.

Click "Test Send" to send SMS to your mobile


Unlike email campaign, credits will be deducted for sending test SMS messages.

Step 9: Advanced Settings

You can exclude contacts, modify notification and tune other campaign configurations by clicking the Advanced Settings button. For details on Advanced Settings, please check here.

Click to see "Advanced Settings"

Step 10: Schedule the Campaign

Finally, when everything looks great, you can save, schedule or start the campaign immediately.


If you are just drafting a campaign, you can choose Pending. All your settings will be saved but the campaign will not be sent.

Click to save, but not send the campaign

Start Now

You can choose Start Now to send the campaign immediately.

Click to save and send the campaign immediately


Otherwise, you can choose Schedule to start the campaign at a later time.

Click to save and schedule the campaign
Schedule a start time

To control how fast all messages should be sent, you have to specify the interval between each SMS message delivery.

Specify the sending interval

When everything is ok, click Save.


You can also set up Send Periods. Campaigns will be limited to run within Send Periods only or otherwise suppressed automatically. To set them up, please view: Delivery Timetable.