Send an Email Campaign


Before you send any email campaign, you should build your group(s).

How to create a group?

Step 1: Navigate to "Create Email Campaign"

Enter the Campaign section, click Create Email Campaign at the top right corner.

Navigate to "Create Email Campaign"

Step 2: Name Your Campaign

Name your campaign and fill in optional Details for your own reference.

Name your campaign and fill in reference details

Step 3: Confirm Sender and Recipients

Verify if the default sender name and sender email address are correct or change if necessary.

Choose your prepared Group(s) or create new one(s).

Give a Subject to the email.

Verify the sender name, sender email address and choose your recipients


To choose multiple groups, press and hold the Shift or Ctrl key.

Step 4: Set Email Header & Footer

Choose the message body format, alignment and language of pre-generated header and footer .

Set the header and footer


You can modify the contact information of header/footer in My Setup > Email Account. To get more details, please click here.

Step 5: Prepare the Email

Method 1: Reuse Email Template

If you will send campaigns with similar content regularly, you can:

Click the Create Email Template button in the Email Template field to create a new email template.

Click to create new email template

Choose from an existing email template.

Select the template you want in the drop down list


Wondering how to create an email template? Click here.

Method 2: Copy from Online Version

If someone has already prepared the content and put it onto your website as the online copy, you can grab it directly. Remember to specify its original "Character Encoding" for proper content grabbing.

Steps to copy from your online version


For security reason, our system blocks right click of your mouse. Please use Ctrl + V to paste your URL.

Method 3: Use the HTML Editor

Otherwise, you can create HTML email in the HTML editor directly.

The HTML editor

Tips provides some free templates to you. You can click Free Templates inside the HTML editor, choose one and add your own content.

Use the free templates

Step 6: Personalize the Message (optional)

If you want, you can personalize the message with data fields. Choose field(s) and insert its code into the right position.

Inserting personalized data

Step 7: Preview in Browser

Now you can click Preview to verify the content in the browser.

Click to preview in browser


You can click Spam Analysis to do a spam check. You can modify the content according to its suggestions to avoid your email becoming a spam.

Step 8: Preview in Email Clients

Different email clients render email differently, so you need testing.

Method 1: By Using Test Send

Click the Test Send button to send a testing version of your email to your Test Send Group.

Test Send


By default, you have already been included in the Test Send Group. If you want to add people to this group, please view:

How to add contacts to the Test Send Group?

Method 2: By Using Inbox Inspection

Use Inbox Inspection to preview your email in various email clients and devices with a single click. Your message will be passed to our Partner "Email on Acid" to render different inbox preview images.

In Preview page, click the Inbox Inspection button.

Click to use "Inbox Inspection"

Step 9: Advanced Settings

You can exclude contacts, modify notifications and tune other campaign configurations by clicking the Advanced Settings button.

Click to see "Advanced Settings"

For details on Advanced Settings, please check here.

When everything looks great, click Next.

Step 10: Track Click-throughs

If there are hyperlinks in the email content, you can track clicking of them and give labels (to ease report reading) correspondingly.

Enter "Label" for each URL

Step 11: Schedule the Campaign


If you are just drafting a campaign, you can choose Pending. All your settings will be saved but the campaign will not be sent.

Click to save, but not send the campaign

Start Now

You can choose Start Now to send the campaign immediately.

Click to save and send the campaign immediately


Otherwise, you can choose Schedule to start the campaign at a later time.

Click to save and schedule the campaign
Schedule a start time

Estimated End Time

If you select Start Now or Schedule, the system will estimate the end time of you campaign. You can click Adjust to alter the send speed and end time if you like.

Adjusting campaign run time

When everything is ok, click Save.


You can also set up Send Periods. Campaigns will be limited to run within Send Periods only or otherwise suppressed automatically. To set them up, please view: Delivery Timetable.