View Campaign Report provides different types of email and sms campaign reports.

Report Types

For Email Campaigns

There are 6 types of report:

  • Email Delivery
  • Email Opens
  • Email Clicks
  • Email Bounces
  • Unsubscribes
  • Comparison

Each report type is grouped under individual tab. Under particular tabs, some new reports have been added which include:

  • Open Locations
  • Mobile or Desktop Devices Detection
  • Clicks or Opens Over Time
  • Click Heat Map

These reports help you to polish your campaigns and create emails that get more attention.

For SMS Campaigns

The reports cover sent, unsubscribes and delivery locations of your campaign. Some other basic information is also included.

View Corresponding Reports

After setting up a campaign, you can click the campaign name in the campaign list to view its reports.

Click the campaign name to view its details and reports

Check Pending and Sent Emails / SMS Messages

You can click the progress bar to check the number of emails / sms messages sent and pending.

Check the number of emails / sms messages sent and pending

View Detailed Statistics

Click on the numbers to access particular details.

Click a number to view its details

In each details page, you can save those contacts as a new group.

Save the contacts as group

Check Your Selected Groups

View selected and excluded groups by clicking the "Show Details" link

"Show More" and "Hide"

In some sections, you can click Show More at the section end to view additional information and then click Hide to collapse.

Toggle additional information


In some charts, you can click More to see additional details.

Click “Others” to see additional details

Print and Save Charts also provides graphical reports. You can print and save chart by clicking the button at its top right corner.

Additional functions you can find from charts