A [Group] is a list of contacts which is mainly used for sending email and SMS campaign.

Access Type

Personal GroupThe group is readable by owner only.
Public GroupThe group is readable by all other users of the same account.

Group Type

Static GroupStatic GroupIt memorizes specific contacts when it is created/updated. Group contacts will not be changed unless through manual manipulation.
Dynamic GroupDynamic GroupIt memorizes the selection criteria. Contacts are dynamically selected when it is being accessed. This dynamic changing nature gives the benefit of self group maintenance where any changes of contact (modification/addition/deletion) will result in automatically update of group(s).

System Groups

TypeIconAccess TypeGroup TypeModifiableDescription
Test Send GroupTest Send GroupPublicStaticWhenever you click on the [Test Send] button under [Create Email Campaign] or [Create SMS Campaign], test email / sms for preview purpose will be sent to this group. Maximum number of contacts is limited to 10.
Unsubscribe GroupUnsubscribe GroupPublicStaticPeople who click and confirm the [Unsubscribe Me] link in the email footer will fall into this group and no more email / SMS will be sent to them.
Hard Bounce GroupUnsubscribe GroupPublicStaticPeople who have invalid email address will fall into this group and no more email will be sent to them.