Set Up Your Own Dashboard

The process of setting up a dashboard includes:

  1. Creating basic Dashboard Blocks and,
  2. Grouping multiple Dashboard Blocks into a single Dashboard View.

Navigate to Dashboard Management

In My Setup, enter Dashboard section.

Click "My Setup"
Select "Dashboard"

Create A Dashbord Block

Step 1: Navigate to The "Create block" Page

Create a new dashboard block by clicking Create Block button under the Dashboard Block List table.

Click "Create Block"

Step 2: Set The Criteria

Set the criteria for the block list.

Set the criteria

Step 3: Choose Fields to Display

Choose which fields should be displayed in the block, and reorder them.

Add and reorder fields

Step 4: Block Settings

Name: Give a name to the block.

Sort By: Choose a field as the default sort key.

Sorting Order: Sorting in Ascending order or Descending order

Default List Size: Set the number of records shown in this block

"More" List Size: Set the number of records shown when you click More.

Fill in the form

After filling in the form, click Save.

Create A Dashboard View

Step 1: Navigate to The "Create View" Page

Create a new dashboard view by clicking Create View under the Dashboard View List table.

Click "Create View"

Step 2: Name The Dashboard View

Give a name and the description (if needed) to this dashboard view

Enter the view name and description

Step 3: Choose Blocks to Display

Select blocks which should be displayed in this view, and reorder them.

Add and reorder Dashboard Blocks

Step 4: Extract Data

Decide to extract which users data to show in this view.

Check the user if you want their data to be shown in the view

Then click Save.


  1. Multiple Dashboard Views can be created for different sales reports.
  2. A Dashboard Block is the most basic unit which can be used in multiple Dashboard Views simultaneously.