Add Contacts to Test Send Group

Step 1: Search for Contacts

Search for contacts in the "Search Box" of the left panel.

Search for contacts

Step 2: Tag Contacts

Click the Star icon next to the contact name to tag contacts which you want.

Tag contacts

Step 3: View Tagged Contacts

Navigate to Tagging Basket by clicking the icon on the top bar.

Go to "Tagging Basket"

Step 4: Add Contacts to Group

On the bottom of Tagged Items, you can see some buttons for bulk action. From drop-down menu More Actions, select Add to Group, then click the Go button next to it.

Choose "Add to Group"

Step 5: Choose "Append to Group"

In the Action field, choose Append to Group.

Choose "Append to Existing Group"

Step 6: Choose "Test Send Group"

In Group field, depending on your need, choose either Test Send Group (Email) or Test Send Group (SMS), then click the Save button.

Select which "Test Send Group" you want to add the contacts