Create a Group

Before sending any email or sms campaign, you need to create a group. There are 4 methods to do this.

Method 1: Create Group During Import

When you import contacts, select Create Group under Action of Group Creation settings.

To view the details, please check the article: Import Contacts – Create Group

Method 2: Create Group After Import

Step 1: Navigate to "Data Import"

Click Tools at the top right corner of the screen.

Click "Tools"

Select Data Import.

Select "Data Import"

Step 2: View Import Report

Click Import ID to see particular import report.

View import report by clicking specific ID

Step 3: Save Imported Contacts as Group

Under Import Results, click Create Group button to save successfully imported contacts into a group.

Simply click the button

Method 3: Create Group with Tagging

Step 1: Tag Contacts

Enter the Contact section. Click the Star icon next to the contacts which you want to add to a group.

Tag contacts

Step 2: View Tagged Contacts

View Tagging Basket by clicking its icon in the top bar.

View Tagging Basket

Step 3: Add Tagged Contacts to Group

On the bottom of Tagged Items, you can see buttons for bulk actions. From drop down list More Actions, select Add to Group, then click the Go button next to it.

Choose "Add to Group"

Step 4: Enter Group Details

Fill in the Group Details:

Fill in the details

Action: Select Create Group.

Group Type: Select Static.

Sharing: Decide whether to share your group. Keep Personal if you do not want to share to other users.

Group Name: Give a name to the group.

Group: If you have chosen Append to Group or Overwrite Group in Action, then you have to select a group only correspondingly, else you will not be asked for this option.

Click the Save button after filling in the form.


About Personal Group & Public Group, please view: Group Access

About Static Group & Dynamic Group, please view: Group Type

Method 4: Create Group with Selection Criteria

Step 1: Navigate to Group

First, navigate to My Setup.

Enter "My Setup"

Then select Group.

Select "Group"

Enter the Campaign section, then click Group at the top right corner.

Click the shortcut under the "Campaign" section

Step 2: Create a Group

Click Create Group at the top right corner.

Click the "Create Group" shortcut

Step 3: Define the Criteria

Define criteria for contact searching.

Set up the selection criteria

You can add more criteria by clicking the Add icon. Click the Next button after defining all your criteria.

Step 4: Review Result and Save

To save matched contacts into a group, pick a group type, define its sharing status and name it.

Review group and uncheck any unwanted contacts

If you uncheck any searched contacts, you will not be allowed to save the group as Dynamic Group. Click the Save button to proceed.


About Private Group & Public Group, please view: Group Access

About Static Group & Dynamic Group, please view: Group Type

About different kinds of System Group, please view: System Groups