Unsubscribe Group

View the Unsubscribe Group

Step 1: Navigate to "Group"

First, click My Setup.

Go to "My Setup"

Then select Group.

Select "Group Management"

Enter Campaign section, then click the Group button at the top right corner.

Click the shortcut under the "Campaign" section

Step 2: Choose "Unsubscribe Group"

In the View drop-down list, choose Unsubscribe Group.

Choose "Unsubsribe Group"

Import Unsubscribed Contacts

To import contacts into the unsubscribe group of CRM system, add an additional column with the header name Email Subscription Status in your data file and mark with value Unsubscribe for the contacts.

Create a unsubscribe column in Excel

Proceed with the normal import steps after your unsubscribe data file is prepared. All contacts imported will then be put into the Unsubscribe Group.

To learn more about importing a file, please view: Import Contacts.