Create an Email Template

Step 1: Go to "Template"

Go to Template in My Setup.

Click "My Setup" at the top right corner
Select "Template Management"

Enter Campaign Section, click the Template button at the top right corner.

Shortcut under the "Campaign" section

Step 2: Create an Email Template

Click the Create Email Template button at the top right corner.

Click "New Email Template"

Step 3: Name The Template

Give a name to the template.

Enter the name of the template

Step 4: Choose The Access Type

Choose the access type of the template.

Do you want other users to use this email template?


If the email template is public, other users can use and modify this template as well.

Step 5: Give an Email Subject

Give a subject to the email.

Enter the subject of this email

Step 6: Prepare The Email Content

Method 1: Fetch Online Version HTML Code

If you have already created the online version for the email content, load the URL directly.

Remember to choose the appropriate character encoding.

Fetch HTML from online version

Method 2: Write a HTML Email Directly

You can write a HTML email in the HTML editor.

The HTML editor

Tips provides some free templates to you. You can click the Free Templates button in the HTML editor and choose a template to add your own contents.

Using the free templates

Step 7: Insert the Personalized Data Field

Choose the personalized data field and insert it to the appropriate location.

Insert personalized data fields

Click the Save button when you have finished.