Delivery Timetable

Delivery timetables act as the gatekeepers of campaign execution. Campaigns enabled for Delivery Period Control will only be allowed to run at specifc periods (Send Periods) or suppressed otherwise.

You have two delivery timetables, one for email campaigns and another for sms campaigns. You have to set them separately.

Set Up Delivery Timetable

Step 1: Navigate to "Delivery Timtable"

Navigate to Delivery Timetable in My Setup.

Click "My Setup" at the top right corner
Select "Delivery Timetable"

Step 2: Choose the Delivery Timetable

Choose to view email or SMS campaign timetable

Step 3: Select The Send Period

Click to select or deselect a time slot.

Drag to select multiple time slots.

Press and hold Ctrl + click to add or remove multiple time slots.

Select the time slot you allow campaign to run

After selecting your time slots, click the Save button.