Global SMS Delivery

Sending Global SMS Messages

By default, your account is configured to allow SMS delivery to your local region only. All other regions are disabled to prevent sending SMS to wrong phone numbers.

You can change this setting by enabling more regions for SMS delivery. Our global SMS network covers more than 200 regions. With just a few steps, you can start sending SMS globally.

Change SMS Delivery Regions

Step 1: Navigate to "SMS Delivery Region"

First, navigate to My Setup.

Enter "My Setup"

Then select SMS Delivery Region.

Select "SMS Delivery Region"

Step 2: Check the Enabled Regions

In this page, you can see all enabled regions, grouped by continents. By default, only your location is enabled.

Next to each region you can see the number of SMS credit required to send 1 standard SMS message to this area. Pay attention to the variations on credit requirement between different regions.

Enabled regions


Length of a SMS

  Maximum Characters Message Needed
Content in English Only 160 1
306 (Long SMS) 2
459 (Long SMS) 3
Content with Chinese or Non-English Characters 70 1
134 (Long SMS) 2
201 (Long SMS) 3

Step 3: Add / Remove Regions

First, click Add / Remove Regions under any continent.

Click the "Add / Remove Regions" button

All regions in that continent will be shown in alphabetical order from top-left to bottom-right. You can find other regions by toggling different continent sections. Now mark checkboxes of specific regions where you allow SMS delivery. Note that all regions sharing the same calling code must be enabled/disabled together.

Regions shown in alphabetical order

To enable delivery to all regions under a continent, click Select All on the right.

Click "Select All"

Click Save in the bottom of the page after you finish adding or removing regions.

Click "Save" to save the new setting