Shopping Online

Now you can upgrade your credit plans, buy extra email or sms credits and add any extra value added services to your subscription with our Shopping Cart implementation.

Step 1: Navigate to "Shopping Cart"

Method 1: Upgrade Credit Plans

Move the cursor under your name at the top right corner of the screen, you will see Plans and Billing. When you click it, you can see all your available credits and any other service subscription under Overview. Click the Buy Credits button under any credit summary.

Click Buy Credits under the credit summary. Click the "Buy Credits" button under Overview of Plans and Billing

Method 2: Purchase through Shopping Cart

You can also click Shopping Cart in the top right corner.

Click "Shopping Cart" in the top right corner

Step 2: Select Services

Mark the checkbox of the plan type you want to order, then choose from any preset plans in the drop-down list.


Plans, prices and currency shown in all pictures below are for illustration only, please refer to your real CRM application pages for actual offers.

Choose from any preset plans

You can also customize your plan. Click the Customize button, enter your quantity and fee will be calculated.

Click "Customize" and change to customized mode
Enter the quantity your need

After selecting all the plans and items needed, click the Checkout button to proceed.

Click "Checkout" to proceed.


If you want to change the billing currency, modify your selection from drop-down list on the top right corner of the shopping list.

Step 3: Select Payment Cycle

If you subscribe any recurring service plan, after Checkout, you can choose to pay the recurring portion monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Select your payment cycle

Step 4: Select Payment Option

There are two payment options available.

Option 1: Auto Payment

We will debit your Paypal account automatically at the end of each payment cycle. If you choose Auto Pay, you have to setup a Paypal account.

Auto Payment

Option 2: Manual Payment

You can pay manually by credit card or other offline payment methods. We will send you an invoice email with payment link 15 days before every payment cycle.

Manual Payment

Step 5: Use Coupon

The use of coupon will be available soon, please pay attention to any upcoming announcements.

Redeem your coupons

Step 6: Select Payment Method

Option 1: Pay Online

By clicking the Pay Online button, you can pay with credit card or Paypal account. However, if you choose Auto Payment in Payment Option, you can only pay with Paypal account.

Paying online is recommended

Option 2: Pay Offline

By clicking the Pay Offline button, you need to download a contract, sign and stamp on it, and then send it to us. Your order will only be activated after verification.

Step 1: Verify Billing Information

Verify your billing information carefully. The information will be used for contract and invoice generation.

Verify your billing information
Step 2: Download the Contract, Sign and Stamp

Click Download Contract to download. Read the content, sign and stamp on specific places of the contract and the service agreement.

Download the contract, sign and stamp on it


Remember to sign and stamp on the service agreement as well which is the last page of the document. Your order will not be accepted if they are missing.

Step 3: Submit and Wait for Verification

There are 3 ways to submit your contract:

  1. Upload directly to CRM system
  2. Fax to +852 3598 6780 or
  3. Email to
Upload your signed and stamped contract directly

Shorten our verification time by paying immediately after you place the order. To access our banking information, view Offline Payment Methods.

5 Different Order Statuses


Order created, but you have not completed the order by paying online or upload your signed contract (pay offline). You need to complete corresponding procedures within 7 days, otherwise your order will be rejected.


We are verifying your uploaded contract. It normally takes less than 3 working days to complete. Pay attention to our emails for any supplementary information request.


Your order is formally accepted and corresponding services / credits are activated.


We rejected your order, it normally happens to offline orders without correct or full information (e.g. signatures, company stamp) or orders that do not complete within 7 days.


You cancelled the order.