Lead is a contact or a company who may have interest in your products or services, which requires verification before turning it into a real potential deal.

Online Lead Collection

Through the online lead capture function, all leads from the online form on your web site will be sent to the system for tracking.

Lead Queue Management

Setup a lead queue, with a sequence of users, could eliminate hassles of memorizing who should receive the next lead. Multiple lead queues can be setup with different lead allocation ratio or different users according to your preference.

Lead Expiry Time Management

If you are complaining responsiveness of your sales to leads and enquiries, you will not have the same problem again with lead expiry management - withdrawing a lead from a salesperson if it has not been acknowledged within a predefined period. You can also keep track of your service level to requests.

Automatic Lead Distribution

By turning on the function of automatic lead distribution, all newly created leads are routed to a predefined lead queue. This can ensure the quickest response and no missed leads.